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We have spent over 20 years researching what makes individuals, teams, organisations and communities more effective, viable and resilient. The result is an intuitive, consistent and yet surprising accurate model of capacity development that we describe as having “stillness.” Simply put, our method is able to respond to a wide diversity of complex problems you are dealing with without shifting its basic stance through three integrated steps. Email us for more information.

When all three processes are combined ones ability to nagivate a complex world becomes simpler and more satisfying, while you become more resilient, humble and wise


True Confidence Services

We match up the level of the problems you are dealing with, with your ability to resolve them. This not only ensures that you can solve immediate problems that you are facing; its a way to help you to continuously develop your problem solving capacity. We offer two service categories:

1. Solutions
Solutions are packaged to address your challenges as they present themselves. We have included the essential capabilities in their design, so you can learn to self navigate whilst continuously improving your ability to resolve them.

2. Essential capabilities
Essential capabilities are practical orientation, relationship and engagement building blocks that are non-negotiable, currency for navigating the 21st century. They include self awareness, coaching, facilitation, business planning, understanding service delivery, work ethos, project planning, team dynamics, dialogue, conflict resolution, leading meetings, negotiations, systems thinking connecting, project management, decision-making, empowerment, business acumen, persuasion, influencing and navigating transition, as well as strategy and execution. 


How to Engage Us

We have packaged our services into various formats to suit your time and requirements, you can:

  • Request a 'Hello!' talk (free)
  • Join a webinar (first one free)
  • Request a 2 day workshop
  • Request a customised proposal

Introductory 'Hello' talk: In only 18 minutes, we'll showcase the True Confidence experience and explain how you stand to benefit.

Webinars: Weekly webinars offered on critical leadership, management and life themes. Expertly facilitated in 35 - 46 minutes, these are intended to inspire and help you organise your thoughts.

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Webinar Schedule

Available from 13 April

1. The Resilience Context: This webinar will engage participants on themes that characterise modern living, working and the challenges facing institutions. We aim to bring greater understanding and clarity to these issues, while showing how True Confidence aims to contribute through webinars and programmes that will follow in the months ahead.


Tuesday         14h00 - 15h00


Wednesday    09h30 - 10h30


Friday            11h00 - 12h00

2. Leading Change: Managing change has been a dominant subject in management circles for decades, yet we are amazed at how much we still get it wrong. In this webinar we aim to get to the essence of change by appealing to universal principles of the process. Join us to gain a new critical perspective on this indespensible subject. 


Wednesday    14h00 - 15h00


Thursday       12h00 - 13h00 

3. The Truth about Managing Performance: How can performance best be guided and optimised in the new environnent. This webinar will debunk myths about managing performance whilst simplifying and making it accessible to all those who need to do it well, day by day.

Friday            14h00 - 15h00

Email us directly at info@trueconfidence.net or use the contact form below. Please indicate which webinar, the date and time that suit you and we will respond with an email confirmation and further instructions. Your first webinar is free, thereafter a nominal fee is required. 
You will receive an Executive Summary or "Cheat sheet" summarising key points made during the webinar and short guidance on where further tools can be accessed.

This schedule runs in April and May. You can register for single webinars or for a package. Your first webinar is free. 




"Thank you very much for your presentation during the HERS Mini Academy. One can never stop learning about leadership as new theories, models and practices continue to emerge. The way you presented yourself and the content of your presentation was meaningful to me. My greatest regret was the time constraint. I would have loved to reflect on what you said before moving on, but that was not possible within the time we had for the mini academy. I hope HERS will send us the slides and any other relevant documentation so that we can continue reflecting away from the time constraints of the workshop. With age I have developed a desire to be thorough with my thoughts in order to reach inside me for meanings of my encounters. Your intervention was greatly appreciated." - Thembeka"

Contact Us

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Fax:            +27 (0)21 412 1553

Email:         info@trueconfidence.net 

Address:     Third Floor, Icon Building,

                   Corner of Long Street &

                   Hans Strijdom Avenue,

                   Foreshore, Cape Town,

                   South Africa

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